Dupuytren’s Disease

Severe contracture of long, ring and small fingers secondary to progressive Dupuytren’s Disease.

Treatment Options

1) Needle Aponeurotomy

2) Xiaflex Injection

Is another option patients have with Dupuytren’s Disease. Dr. Patterson is a Xiaflex physician.

3) Email Evaluation

If you live out of state we may be able to evaluate you for a Needle Aponeurotomy utilizing the internet.  If you would like to email photographs of your hands, it may be possible to render a preliminary opinion.

Please forward these photographs to

The photographs need to include the following views:

  1. The back of the hand with the palm and thumb facing down
  2. The palm of the hand facing up
  3. The small finger side of the hand, with the palm pushing down on a table top, trying to straighten the fingers
  4. If you have scars or previous surgery, include a picture with them marked on the skin with a marking pen
  5. If you are sending images of both hands, please ensure the photographs include right and left side markers.

Be sure to include your contact information. Once your photos have been reviewed, we will contact you to discuss your options.